Friday, September 5, 2014

Current conditions at Lake Lahontan Churchill County, Fallon,Nevada

With the water being cut off in July there is no telling how low the Lake will go this year.Water levels are well below any boat ramp and fishing is next to nil. With the water being as low as it is concerns about mercury levels and toxicity of the Lake are being raised.Water levels in local wells are dropping and farmers are faced with the possibility of another dry year.

Fallon, Nevada in under 2 minutes

Fallon, Nevada in under 2 minutes

I should clarify that it is Williams Avenue and Main Street and does not represent the entire town. Nor is it representative of all that Fallon has offer.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Blue damselfly ( dragonfly) invasion of Soda Lake

The Blue Damselflies of Soda Lake

At this time of year Soda Lake is invaded by dragonflies and damselflies. This year has been an especially wondrous year for Soda Lake. The damselfly population has exploded this year with blue damselflies in the millions. Like clouds of blue fairies they gather at the shoreline and rise into the air as you walk along the edge of the lake. As they make love in the tall grass mating pairs of damselflies form the shape of a heart. This must truly be where the idea for the symbol of love came from. As my dog Tigra plays along the water I cannot help but think of a time when I was young and innocent. And for a moment the troubles of the world melted away as I walked through the blue clouds of Soda Lake.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lake Lahontan

On such a warm day even with Lake  Lahontan only being half full boaters and fishermen alike are taking advantage of what little water there is. Even with water coming in from the Truckee River the lake is still not even half full. This is a service fee area. With the government racing service fees everywhere I can't really see too many people taking advantage of the lake unless they have the extra money to spend.

Monday, February 11, 2013

welcome water fountains of Fallon Nevada

Welcome to Fallon Nevada

This is the William Street welcome to Fallon Nevada water fountain. It has a beautiful water fountain that runs the length of it. Two park benches face the street so you can watch the cars go by instead of the water fountain. There is no real access from the Walmart side.

The Taylor Street fountain 

This fountain has no access and can only be seen while driving by.

these two fountains pose the following question.
  1.  Did the American taxpayer get their monies worth when the city spent close to a quarter million dollars on fountains that you really can't get close enough to enjoy?
  2. If it was grant money, is it not still taxpayer dollars and why did the public not have any input as to how the money was to be spent or who got the contracts to build it?
  3. If it's designed to entice new business, does it give the false impression that Fallon has water to spare?
  4. With the city having trouble maintaining the parks that it has, how much money will go into maintaining these fountains?
  5. Could the money have been spent more wisely elsewhere, such as Laura Mills Park or Oaks Park which are in dire need of repair and upkeep? 
    The city of Fallon should really focus on maintaining what it already has.  In an effort to save money the city cut back on its work staff. Local charities attempted to assist the city in making improvements to the local parks to no avail. In one instance several thousand dollars was invested in reseeding the lawn in the Laura Mills Park. Only to find out later that Park maintenance had failed to keep the lawn watered and allowed it to die once again. This begs the question; with an already strained work staff will the city be able to maintain these fountains or will the city parks suffer further neglect due to the additional workload? And with the additional expense of maintaining these waterfalls, will the city make further cutbacks on the city's usable parks?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain

    As a kid I remember going here spending the day playing in the sand and coming home spending the next week getting sand out of places I didn't know I had. I always wondered if everyone came home with sand in thier britches how long before there would be no mountain? I guess thats why they now charge a service fee(to replace all sand people take home). Actually over the years there have been so many accidents and so many ATVs going in areas they shouldn't, it became necessary. In my day if someone got hurt there was no phone to call for help and difficult to get to someone hurt, as there were no paved roads.
    Sand Mountain is an area well-known to ATV enthusiasts from all over the world. There is now a paved road all the way to the base of the mountain where you will find amenities such as restrooms and limited camping. Watch for speed DIPS and it is a service fee area. For further information:

They do not offer day passes, only weekly or by the year. $40 per week and $90 per year. As to why they do not offer a day pass it is better to go thier web site above and read it for your self.

There are other things you can do that don't cost such as one of the side trails that leads to an old Pony Express Station.
Very educational.